Week 7 WOL Circle Summary – Vision


Our WOL circle took a week off due to members out of office time and other commitments.  Then I let myself get behind in posting our Week 7 circle summary.  But here it is, better late than never, right?

We all really liked the Letter From My Future Self exercise.  It help to crystallize what we are all working toward.  We talk a lot about our goals in our circle meetings and by now all of us have changed or at least revised our goals.  This exercise helped put these goals in context of our overall vision of what we would like our futures to look like.

Envisioning our futures, fit in very nicely with the other exercise in the Week 7 Circle Guide – the habit checklist.

  1. Take small steps toward your goals.
  2. Set some realistic, achievable goals.
  3. Structure your life to help you attain your goals.
  4. Chart your progress.
  5. Look at the areas where you’re successful.
  6. Reward yourself for your successes.
  7. Focus on your achievements.
  8. Allow yourself to fail without turning it into a catastrophe.
  9. Enlist the support of friends.
  10. Picture the way you’d like life to be.

In addition to talking about the 1 thing we each chose to work on during the previous week, we also discussed the one thing we each thought would be hardest to do.  It turned out that everyone agreed that #5 – Chart your progress, was most difficult.  The reason being was that it seemed like one more thing to add to an already full to do list.  However, all of us are monitoring our progress (or in some weeks, lack thereof) in some way.  The fact that we have all changed our goals at some point over the last 7 weeks is due to the fact that we didn’t believe we were making sufficient progress on our original goal.  I think think it was more the idea of formalizing (charting) our progress that people saw as a barrier.

We ended our meeting with a very encouraging discussion of how we have been applying the concepts from our WOL circle more broadly in our every day work and lives.  Based on what we have been learning and practicing, we are all working on ways to make what we do more visible, whether that be with a small team or a larger community.  We all see and believe in the value of sharing and contributing.



Author: Joyce A Gustafson

Compliance professional and 6 Sigma black belt. Passionate about continuous improvement, "working out loud", and constantly learning. Originally trained as a cellular biologist, I have spent the bulk of my career working in the pharmaceutical industry. Previous experience includes Operations Management, Outsourcing, Recruiting, High Throughput Screening and Cell Based Assay Development, and Biology Research. NOTE: This is my personal blog and the thoughts and opinions are my own. This blog does NOT represent the view and opinions of my employer

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