Joyce Gustafson

Joyce A. Gustafson

Have a passion for Working Out Loud (WOL)?  Interested in what it’s like to be part of a Working Out Loud Circle?  Then I invite you to join me on my journey as I work my way through my first WOL Circle (and hopefully more) and just learn to be better at  sharing my work.  I am definitely a novice in this arena, but hopefully you can learn something from my missteps along the way.  I will never pretend like I have all the answers and always appreciate other points of view.  I love people who challenge my thinking.

To earn my keep, I’m an Ethics & Compliance professional and Lean 6 Sigma black belt.  I live and breath continuous improvement.  I began my career as a cellular biologist and have a natural affinity for data analysis and statistics.  (Yes, I’m a nerd and proud of it!)  So you may also see those themes cropping up from time to time as well.

Twitter: @indyjoyg

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joyceagustafson


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